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  Life Stories  
  Miracle after Miracle  

My life is a chain of miracles.

When I was nine years old I was playing in the street when I touched a live electric wire. Something pushed me away after the shock. This accident damaged my speech. I still am slow in speaking. This damage prevented me from joining the Iraqi army and going to war with Iran.

In 1987 I almost drowned but again I was saved by another miracle. I fled from Iraq to Turkey and from there I came to Canada.

In 1991 I had a very bad accident at work and was almost killed. I moved to west Canada empty handed – no money, no health, and no future. I lost my faith in God. I was very sad and angry.

One day I went to the United States and met a lady for advice. She told me, “Do not give your life to the Devil. You need a Saviour.”

When I returned I met two Iraqis who shared their stories with me, and how they accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour! They asked me to go with them to church to pray for me. I agreed, but on the day we were planning to go to the church I decided not to go. I phoned one of them to apologize, but instead of apologizing something inside of me pushed me to accept the invitation. In the church many came and laid their hands on me and prayed.

This was very unusual to me! It was the first time in my life I had gone to church and listened to these people asking Jesus to save me and change my life and attitude. They prayed that God would help me to overcome the difficulties in my life and that he would give me hope and a new life.

I felt that I was not on earth. Something went through my heart and soul. I cried and said, “God, please save me.” The biggest miracle in my life happened and from that moment I became a child of Jesus Christ. Praise God! Now I have hope and trust in Jesus. The Holy Spirit has filled me with joy, and I am expecting more miracles.

If you would like help to overcome difficulties in your life and to find out how you too can begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, please contact us.

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