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Life Stories
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  Life Stories  

Each of us is on a journey. Where is yours leading you?

The following stories have been shared with us by real people who have had a life changing encounter with God.

  Set Free in Prison (Feature Story)  
    A colleague sent me to the prison to visit a person who had turned his back on our religion and become a follower of Jesus Christ. They chose me because I am a lawyer and I should be able to convince him to come back to his roots and traditional religion. read more »  
  God My Father  
    After the songs were finished, a tiny man stood and started to talk about God the Father. I was shocked. How could this person call God a father? This was the first time in my life I had heard this. read more »  
  Miracle after Miracle  
    When I was nine years old I was playing in the street when I touched a live electric wire. Something pushed me away after the shock. This accident damaged my speech. read more »  
  My daughter's sickness led me to Jesus  
    We were willing to do anything to get her health back. I took her to many doctors and hospitals, and to religious people in our community but nothing changed, instead of getting better, she kept getting worse. read more »
  The Dream  
    That night I fell sleep and had a dream. An angel came to me and asked, “Do you want to know the right way?” read more »  
  My Sister's Story  
    When I saw my sister crying, I began to ask myself why we allow a man to marry more than one woman but women in our religion do not have the same right? read more »  
  The Love of God  
    The war started in the Middle East and I lost everything. I decided to end my life by my own hand. read more »  
  The Voice  
    In our homes, worship places and schools they had taught us to hate Christians and never befriend them. read more »  
  Wrong Concepts in my Life  
    One day changed all my concepts. I met a man who asked me about my goal in life. I told him I would be my country's leader. read more »  
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